REPORT: State of HVAC Online Marketing in Camden County, NJ

Top Local HVAC Marketing Efforts

HVAC companies within Camden Co.

Top local HVAC marketing in Camden Co.
Website Backlinks Organic keywords Facebook followers Top 10 Rankings 551 34800 16096 2256 254 3300 4128 73 64 951 385 61 110 1000 953 45 119 1800 587 35 52 1100 324 22 83 1200 0 21 39 1700 430 16 52 252 277 14 30 273 149 12 73 1200 132 7 40 177 0 6 37 119 311 6 32 368 182 3 29 180 72 3

Top Foreign HVAC Marketing Efforts

HVAC companies outside Camden Co. with a significant marketing presence

Top foreign HVAC marketing in Camden Co.
Website Location Backlinks Organic keywords Facebook followers Top 10 Rankings Mount Laurel, Burlington Co. 967 26400 8263 1533 Somers Point, Atlantic Co. 131 1900 1020 63 Pleasantville, Atlantic Co. 36 753 765 39


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Marketing efforts are somewhat poor in Camden County

Generally, much of the marketing effort in Camden County is fairly poor. One of the most revealing metrics here is the numbers of Top 10 Rankings. This is the number of times a company’s website will appear in the top 10 Google results.

Every company on this list has almost certainly paid for SEO marketing (indicated by the number of backlinks present). However, for most of them the results aren’t paying off as they aren’t substantively appearing in the Top 10 search results.

Although it’s not shown here, they are particularly not appearing for “money” keywords.

It’s imperative to appear in the top 10 search results if you want to obtain new customers, as the top ten search results garner the most clicks from web searchers.

Interesting figures, with multiple locations, has done the most SEO marketing and has accrued links from 551 different websites. They perpetually produce content and now rank in Google for 34,800 keywords.

Many of their rankings are for out-of-state services, though they do have an office in Camden County.

Many of the organic keywords they rank for are similar to searches like “which is cheaper natural gas or propane” and “over window air conditioner”. These keywords aren’t “money” keywords, but they strongly establish as an authority on heating and air conditioning.

Below, the number of top ten rankings drops sharply for all sites.

Only 2.2% of’s organic keywords appear in the top 10 results in Google, which indicates that the backlinks they do have may not be strong enough to push their ranking up.

A better SEO campaign would see 4% or more of the organic keywords appearing in the top 10 search results, resulting also in more leads. For comparison, 6.4% of’s organic keywords appear in the top 10.

Extremely uncompetitive at the lower end

The lower 23 of our list is practically randomly distributed. Most of the results come from on-page SEO efforts rather than targeted off-site campaigns. These websites have very few keywords in the top 10 results and many of the keywords are branded.

Most of these sites are not ranking for money keywords, instead only ranking for their company name (branded marketing).

Branded marketing is great for returning customers that know you. However, this does not work for money keywords that bring in new business, like “furnace replacement pennsauken”.

Those keywords need to be targeted, but most of the companies we looked at overwhelming have brand marketing.

In a way, this is understandable, as most marketing companies don’t want their marketing efforts to poach HVAC customers from adjoining areas.

Running SEO campaings for customers in the same town with the same local services is a conflict of interest for a marketing company since there is only one top spot in the search results. Proper SEO would pit the two SEO campaigns against one another.

However, most marketing companies readily sell branded SEO marketing packages to anyone instead of SEO marketing that targets money keywords.

By doing branded SEO, they are technically doing SEO, just not the kind that will bring new leads.

With stronger backlinks and proper keyword targeting, any of the companies here could appear higher in the search results.

Search result pollution by aggregators

Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Porch, and Prime Buyers Report, and other aggregators are absolutely polluting the search results, with many rankings on the first page of Google.

Each of these websites has a robust SEO strategy that includes pumping backlinks to keyword optimized webpages. They can be beaten, and are, with some searches in Camden County.

You can see their keyword strategy by searching for an HVAC related local term and looking at the url, listing title, and listing description. Compare this to the typical local results.

Foreign HVAC companies push Camden Co. HVAC businesses off the front page

There are several businesses that are pushing Camden County local HVAC businesses down and of the first page of Google.

The only reason they’re able to do this is because of strong backlinks and keyword-oriented content.

That’s what is required if you want a service area outside your home base.

Note that is part of a larger firm with a large network of similar websites. While doesn’t appear to be a particularly strong website, it likely enjoys some very strong backlinks from other websites in the network.

While it has fewer backlinks than many of the local websites, it has many more Top 10 keywords, plus one of the highest proportions of Top 10 to overall keywords at 5.2%.

In fact, if we fit into the local table, it would be in fifth place!

One of the terrible things for Camden County HVAC companies is that several HVAC companies located in Pennsylvania are also pushing them down in the search results!

This is also detrimental to consumers - though some PA companies appear above NJ companies, most PA companies are not licensed to work in NJ.

General Takeaway - WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW

Extremely successful HVAC companies have high numbers of backlinks, organic keywords, and Facebook followers.

Backlinks and content are king. Content puts you on the search result pages and backlinks push you up the search results.

If your HVAC website has few backlinks or organic keywords it isn't driving any "new customer" leads, although you may acquire branded search leads when repeat customers search for your name).

Backlinks need to be strong enough to put your keyword-oriented pages in the top ten spots of Google.

If you hire a marketing company, there are two things they need to be doing for you: building backlinks and creating content. (We do this.)

Marketing companies that put you on a "marketing plan" for $100-500/month don't do this and some companies don't even build links at $1000 and up tiers. Most very large marketing companies won't provide true SEO for your money keywords to prevent HVAC companies in neighboring localities from cannibalizing each other's business.

Metric Definitions

More Backlinks Higher Search Positions More Leads

Backlinks are links from another website. For instance, the link on your Facebook page that people click to go to your website is a backlink.

Along with keywords, backlinks are one of the two most important factors for achieving a high ranking in search engines, functioning like a vote for your website from other websites.

More backlinks from more websites results in higher search engine rankings. This results in more leads as more highly ranked websites have an overwhelmingly higher click through rate than low-ranked sites.

Note: We only count one backlink from each domain. Some vendors unnecessarily "link spam" HVAC contractor websites, so actual backlinks are usually much higher.

Organic Keywords

More Keywords Increased Listings in Search Results More Leads

Organic keywords are simply the terms that a website ranks for in search engines. For instance, the phrase "hvac companies in nj" is an organic keyword that is searched on Google 150 times per month.

If your website appears in the first 100 results in Google for a particular keyword, that keyword is considered to be one of your organic keywords.

Along with backlinks, keywords are one of the two most important factors for achieving a high ranking in search engines.

Generally, if you have more organic keywords, you'll get more leads since you have higher visibility in search engines.

Facebook Followers

More Followers Better Self-Supported Lead Generation

This is simply the number of Facebook followers you have.

This is a good metric to see whether you engage with customers online through social media.

We don't correlate followers to leads, but businesses with more followers tend to get more leads based on internal actions (website and social marketing) rather than external sources (lead aggregators).

Some companies have their pages set to private or are difficult to access for some reason. In these cases, the Facebook followers is set to zero.

Number of Top 10 Rankings

More Top 10 Rankings Visibility More Leads

This is the total number of keywords for which a company will appear in the first through tenth positions in Google.

More top rankings are better as people tend to click results on the first page of Google. The overwhelming number of clicks go to the top three results (about 60%).

We can use SEO tools to see how many times a company appears in Google searches.We take the number of organic keywords, filter them to the keywords that rank in the top 10 positions, add add up the number of keywords.

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